Data analysis

Data analysis

Get the most from your data.

  • Data collection or information flow creation: Consulting on how to structure the data collection, storage and maintaining a continuous flow of information.
  • Data description. Data mining: Study of the variables and other factors that have more influence in the main questions of our study. Visualization of the correlation between related variables.
  • Data statistical analysis: Statistical analysis and mathematical modelling implemantation of the collected variables to unveil trends, seasonality and correlation amongs other factors. Data visualization.
  • Information monitoring: Creation of  real-time data monitoring systems for production and other related factors (e.g. Health measurements).
  • Predictions: The last step of the analytical process is to predict and estimate the future behaviour of the model in order to support decision making with contrasted statistical information.

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Do not allow bad experimental design ruin your conclusions. A good study design and statistical analysis will lead you to better conclusions. 

We can help you to communicate animal health scientific results adapting them to different formats.