Scientific communication

Scientific communication

We can help you to adapt scientific results to effective communications for your target audiences.

1. Scientific manuscripts. Statistical analysis of the data and in-depth review of the outcomes, literature review, technichal writing and manuscript coordinarion for scientific journals. Journal recommendation for better placement and impact.

2. Abstracts and posters. Manuscript and poster preparation to present in scientific congresses.

3. Presentations. Presentations preparation for various target audiences in meetings and congresses.

4. Outreach and scientific dissemination. Article writing in non-scientific terminology and format directed to the general public or other specificic audiences.

Other services

Extract the most value from your data. From data collection to study conclusions and recommendations, we will capitalize on our experience in animal production, animal health, and epidemiology not to mention our network of international collaborators.

Do not allow bad experimental design ruin your conclusions. A good study design and statistical analysis will lead you to better conclusions.